Bedroom Wall Murals for Children

Bedroom wall murals can add feelings extravagant and fun to any room. A mural bedroom should reflect the interests of a child. They are available to paint a mural on the wall of your child different options, so you can most likely match the interest of every child to a mural idea.

Garden bedroom wall murals works well in a nursery or in a girl’s room. Paint the wall chosen to resemble a large garden with flowers growing out. One of flowers can include petals made with the handprints of the child. Paint a picture of a princess castle in the background of a wall. You can also paint a garden party with different princess characters participate as part of the mural.

A mural of the night sky provides a nice contrast to the wall for those who love space and astronomy. The wall may include the stars and also some of the planets. Choose a favorite animal, and create a wall around it. Create an underwater mural if your child loves fish. Other options include a zoo or a wall mural circus with animals in circus acts.

Create a sports-themed mural based on interests of the child, who may include logos of your child’s favorite teams, silhouettes of players or a mural of the playing field with people celebrating in the stands. Bedroom wall murals with cartoon characters your child’s favorite wall is another option.

Picture Gallery of the Bedroom Wall Murals for Children

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