Diy Bed Frame Ideas

If you have a mattress, makes a simple diy bed frame to support and potentially save a lot of money compared to buying a new one in the store. A wooden frame is easy to build and easy to take down later, when you buy a new bed. From start to finish, arrange a couple of hours to this project, especially if you want to paint or stain the frame. Measure the length and width of your mattress with tape.

Diy bed frame cut two boards to match the length of your mattress. Cut the remaining boards to match the width of your mattress, subtracting 1 1/2 inches (4 cm). For example, a double mattress with a width of 39 inches (99 cm) board 37 needs a 1/2 inch (95 cm). Cut the sheet of plywood to match the width and length of your mattress.

Fixed two boards measured by the width and two planks measured by the length of a rectangular diy bed frame. Place them so that the ends of the shorter boards from stumbling on the inner faces of the longer planks. Sliding one of the remaining planks measured by the width in the frame, parallel to and centered running it with short boards therein. Connect it using two L-brackets at each end.

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