How to Build Bunk Bed Ideas

Nothing makes a small room is more spacious than a bunk bed ideas. These beds create space further to build up the bed and allowing the space underneath can be used. Place a double mattress on the floor or workspace as a guide. Build a box that fits on the mattress, leaving some space around the edges for bedding. Build the box on the mattress, wood 5×15 cm which forms the sides and a piece of plywood to cover it and forming the base of the box.

Use screws to nail into the wall at intervals of 60 cm to connect the bottom of the plywood with the rest of the wooden box. Cut wood 10×10 cm to make posts that hold the bunk bed ideas in the air. Get a few people to help you to lift the box and place it on top of the wood 10×10 cm.

Place the posts in the box with the screws. Make a ladder to the bunk bed with 2.5 cm thick wood slats. Place each strip 25 cm to 60 cm away. Keep the slope at 60 °. Place the ladder on the bunk bed ideas with screws to ensure that the ladder does not slip and let someone trapped under the bed.

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