Kids Trundle Bed is Popular Options, Why?

Kids trundle bed – I see many different options, I like almost all, but I see them pros and cons to most of them. And I do not quite decide. Type trundle beds seem practices, both for space, as have possibility of having an extra bed. I especially like if there is possibility of adding a headboard in wood that is a bit special.

But as storage space we will not go more than enough, idea of putting a bed that has room for storage underneath, also tempts me. I’m not a fan of high beds for children, and that is but I see in this option. Wrought iron beds, as typical of IKEA, are one of trends stomping now, truth is, I really like aesthetically. My question is, do not waste space if you have few square meters room?

Kids trundle bed, for some reason, attracts me. I have very clear that for kids, that being up and down, is something comfortable, and that’s an option that round my head but I cannot decide. However, I find your fun time, and also practices in a matter of space. So I do not just take them off of head.

And lately more option I round head, since fourth of each of kids will not be very large, is to put a kids trundle bed type, using space below for games, etc. But I have little experience with this type of beds and bedrooms, so I’m still turning and looking ideas. What is your experience with beds of children? What you bed did you choose and why?

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