Luxury Princess Bedroom Set

Most girls dream of being princesses. Since most of them will never be real princesses, why not decorate your child’s room in a way that makes you feel as if it were? You giving one luxury princess bedroom set will give a special place to represent his dream. Carved headboards and white brass bed frames are popular choices. A canopy bed may also give room a magical feeling. Other furniture such as a wardrobe, a desk and chair, and paint should be chosen to coordinate princess bedroom set. Gilded wood and ornamental carvings are two options that will give bedroom furniture a feeling of royalty. And of course, every princess should have a mirror. Any mirror with silver or gold frame goes well in a bedroom princess.

Lace and ruffles are a great way to bring magic to princess bedroom set. Bedding princess theme is an option, another is something cake with small flowers. For curtains, think flowing fabric, light and delicate fabrics. This will provide an extra touch of luxury to room. There are many styles, designs and colors to choose bedding and curtains. Talk to your little princess on bedding and curtains. Since this room is your real domain should be decorated in style she wants.

Princess Bedroom Set Ideas

Some tips on how to create a princess bedroom set with themes for your child, and not spend a fortune in the process. Paint the walls a rich color, real. Colors of deep purple, burgundy, green or others are perfect. Use cardboard or plastic templates to make crowns, wands, or castles. Use contrasting colors to paint these to create a border, either in the roof line or just above the horizontal center of the wall. If you are really ambitious and creative, think about the painting of a scene from castle to a wall, or by adding your child’s name on a scroll, the actual writing.

Princess bedroom set, remember that princesses love their beds to be fancy. If you do not have a canopy bed for your princess, you can make a canopy over the bed very easily. Get some rubber tubing and bent into a circle about two meters wide. The use of recording upholsterer, hang the circle hook placed on the roof. Then take several yards of pure material and covers around the circle, to one side and the other, so that it hangs down the bed.

Picture Gallery of the Luxury Princess Bedroom Set

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