Making Mid Century Modern King Bed

Mid century modern king bed – You can build and finish a simple platform base with headboard and foot bed, or even make a base for a four-poster bed. These instructions are based on a mattress that does not need a spring mattress support. If yours need it , take that point into consideration. Measure the width and length of the king size bed and uses two sheets of wood 1 inch (2.5 cm) thick, attach them to form the top of the bed. Measure the height of the platform bed, so that there is enough space to put drawers below it.

Mid century modern king bed think about the size of the drawers and calculated in square meters of bed measures to put two or three drawers on both sides, and one or two drawers at the foot of the bed. The maximum length of the drawers near the head and sides will be less than half the width of the bed. The back of these will join the center when fully closed, and this will maximize the space under the king size bed.

Mid century modern king bed do the side drawers near the footboard to one third of the width of the bed, if your design includes one or two drawers in the center of the foot end of the bed. This gives you enough space width for the drawer or drawers in the part of the feet. The maximum length of this box will be a little lower than the measurement from the foot end of the bed frame, the middle drawer.

Picture Gallery of the Making Mid Century Modern King Bed

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