Perfect Kids Loft Bed with Slide

Kids loft bed with slide – So you want to build a high bed so more space then opens. This will free up your child’s room in a way you never thought possible. It is a great idea to make one with a slide. This gives your child the impression that they are becoming aware of the fun and games of each and every morning. Getting up will be nice if he has to go down a slide to go to breakfast. A loft bed will allow more space at the bottom where you can put on a computer or any other item you need in the room.

Kids loft bed with slide, constructing the base of the bed sticking together wood for it. Make sure the two pieces of 6 feet go hand in hand. Then connect the tables for the base to fit evenly. You will have the basic framework of the bed built. Then nail on the sides so that the piece 3 coincides with the ladder feet and 5 ft piece with the slide. The sides are to go over the posts.

Kids loft bed with slide nail in the 4 positions. Place one in each corner. Thus, the framework is held above them. Now you have the basic structure of the foot. Take 2 strips of wood for stairs and attach them in the most convenient for you to upload side. Key steps on 2 sides. Now you have completed steps. Attach the wooden stand about 2 meters above the ground so they are compatible with the posts. Messages will be only on 3 sides. Leave the room open to put on a desktop computer or a toy chest.

Picture Gallery of the Perfect Kids Loft Bed with Slide

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